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Nextion with e-ink screen

Everythink is in the tittle:

An e-ink screen, that can be an amazing feature :) 

especially for battery use

Hi Damien,
at the first glance a good idea. Until you really work with such an e-ink display ...

Consider HMI's nature, easy interaction between humans and somekind of technology. Interaction means action and reaction in realtime.
E-Ink is great when power consumption is a limiting factor of a project. But now consider HMI. E-Ink is per se a very slow technology. A screen change can take a few seconds until you again have a stable picture ...
Visual HMI interactions will became unusable in reality. Think about sensor-values, which will change periodically every second. Think about a simple updating waveform component ... All you will see in realtime is a big flickeing and smudged screen. Because the e-inks refresh rate is much slower than your values-refresh.
E-Ink is great for more or less static screens, but not the first choice when it comes to quick changing views.
When power consumption is a real issue, there are other and more reliable strategies to handle this even together with a normal full-speed LCD TFT.

Keep in mind, a Nextion HMI display is not a simple TFT replacement, it is a "bit" more. Even you can use for, but it is not mandantory the right solution for every visual oriented project.


Hi Gerhard

Yes, but there are controllers for e-ink screen who work at 8 frames per second, Like the Freescale  i.MX508 ARM Cortex-A8 controller. 

For exemple, look at the Pebble smartWatch, the designers have used a e-ink screen and there are not refresh time at all. 

Look at this video to see this controller

the controler may work for 8 frames per sec., but even the best controller can't change physical rules ... and the b/w micro-balls need time to turn inside their fluid ... there are surely technical tricks existing, to speed this up, but such technology has its price ...

And not to forget, we don't talk about small smartwatch displays, we talk about 2,4', 2,8', ... sized displays ...

Lets say, with the right monetary investment, nearly everything is doable. But I have my seriouse doubts, that users will pay for this all ... at least not today ...

But ... never say never ... e-ink technology is surely something to keep in mind ... and we all don't know where technology will jump to in the future ...


You have at least one customer for that: me 

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Request has represent

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