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(Smart) Scene and THs


When setting up a scene, I can't control TH devices: If i select a TH device, the windows is empty (no options) and when back the scene list it just says "keep": is that on purpose or is it a bug?

Also, when programming a smart scene, why can't I control a TH device?


Gianluca Barbaro

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Only my sonoff switches show in scene . There is no smart scene my app iPhone 2.2.3 is not showing smart scene sonoff Th firmware 2.0.1 Sonoff switches all on 1.5.2

Hi any solution for this bug¿¿¿

hi, i have the same issue. My TH16 is not available in executive device list, only visible as trigger device.

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I received tech support answer:

TH can't be executed device.Just which haven't sensor can be executed device. 

That doesn't make any sense. It has a relay that could be controlled by another Sonoff. The fact that it also has a sensor shouldn't make a difference.
I want to read temperature in two locations, but have the temperature in the one location control equipment in the other locations. Hence I bought two THs hoping to use one to control the relay in the other.


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