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Nextion does not receive or send any data from arduino serials

We were doing a button-led project  

we create a button on nextion screen  and when we press it pin 13 of arduino was going high. it was working at first,  and we also able to send data from arduino to nexton, (we drawed a graphic) 

but now rx tx connection is not working. we cant turn on led on same project neither we can draw anything to nextion , 

normally when we send or receive any data,  rx and tx leds on arduino  was blinking . now when we pressed button on nextion  notthing happens(leds  are not blinking)

we tried different arduinos , uno and mega

arduino rx and tx are okey, can comminicate with other projects 

what do you think the problem is? what can we try more?

Thanks for your help already ;

If you did nothing (you wrote nothing about any change), it just stopped working, then it looks like a hardware issue.

Check the wire and if everything is ok your nextion display is damaged.

To check your device and to reset it

Create a plain HMI project with nothing special

In the preinitialization event put the touch_j command


This will recalibrate the touch sensors

and the freshly compiled HMI should reset the nextion firmware

After you have compiled this project

Open the Build Folder

copy the compiled *.tft file to a freshly formatted FAT32 microSD card

  (the *tft file must be the only file on the microSD)

Insert the microSD card into the microSD slot on the Nextion Device

Turn the power for Nextion off, and turn on again.

The firmware upload for the Nextion should start at after a few seconds

When it has completed

Turn the power for the Nextion off, remove microSD and power back on again

At this stage, the Nextion device will be requesting to recalibrate the touch screen sensor

Complete this task fully

Power the Nextion device off.

At this point the Nextion device should be returned to a reset state.

Delete this tft from the microSD card

Recompile your Nextion project as before

copy to the microSD card

Upload your Nextion project via microSD as before.

Insert card, power off, wait for upload to complete

Power off, remove card, and power on again

When this is complete, your project should again be running


Perhaps more specific instruction would help !!

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