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Analog Clock

I am trying to make an analog clock by superposing 3 gauges, how do you make them transparent to see the 3 needles?

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Transparent gauges are made by setting the .sta attribute to crop image.

The Crop image has to be a full screen image (or at least top left at 0,0)

Three gauges can be stacked but they can not be superimposed.

The square nature of the gauge component will end up messing up the needle below

1) page

2) background picture

3) bottom gauge square of background

4) bottom gauge needle

5) middle gauge square of background

6) middle gauge needle

7) top gauge square of background

8) top gauge needle

As steps #5 and #7 are executed,

the square region crop of the background image will erase any needle parts that are within the square.

That was what i was scared.

well so much for the analog clock!

See the thread The Yet-to-be-Documented B[ ] Component Array

Just because you can't use gauges to accomplish it, doesn't mean it cannot be done.

That is what i wanted to accomplish, how do you enter a tft file into the Nextion editor?

When i double clic on it, it opens the editor but it does not load and a get a mismatch if i try to enter in into my display via a sd card.

Which model do you have?  TFT files have to be compiled to match to model.

But if you are in the Nextion Editor, close any open project, click on debug, then you can run a TFT within the Debug Simulator.

Ohhh, I see ... the firmware was changed from S62 to S67.

You would have to open that TFT file in v0.38 off the Nextion Editor (as described above)

My model is 3.5 basic

How do i get version 0.38, i am with 0.39 and i have a 0.36 somewhere else but no .38

Modified for the 3.5" Basic version.  I didn't fix the proportions, should work for v0.39

(358 KB)

That is working in debug (excuse my ignorance, i am a neebie) but when i exit debug the program is not there so I can't see how you do it

Okay, so that wasn't the source code. 

Think of the TFT as the executable and the HMI as the source.

I am proving that it can be done.

So it isn't using gauges - how do you think it is being done.

It must be using the line command, I'll have to think about that, Thank you

I don't know if i will have the courage to do this, the clock timing will not be such a problem as i have a DS3231 real time clock into my circuit, i also have a ch340 USB to TTL converter and a HC-12 receiver/transmitter connected to the circuit. I don't have a useful circuit, i just want to demonstrate that I can read and write the nextion display while sending and receive info back and forth through a pair of HC-12 with a small 14m2 Picaxe (14 pins)

If you think that 3584 bytes of SRAM memory is little, my Picaxe chip only have 2048 bytes of eeprom and i have to do programming miracles to stay inside that range.

My actual Nextion project has now 9 pages

Thanks again for your help, it is really appreciated.

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