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Nextion HMI network

Is it possible to connect two or more nextino HMI in series 

Like an Uart or and RS232 communication network 

Below is just an example . 

If so is there a way that you can have node address for the nextion hmi 

(5.38 KB)

Wired like that - No. 

But there are I2C 16 channel muxes.

With two muxes, one each for RX and TX, it would be possible to drive 16 displays. 

Should also point out that connecting Nextion RX/TX to an ESP8266, you have control over wifi

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Although this wasn't a real feature request, it is now marked as reviewed.

Future questions should be posted to the Free Chat Section

hi any update on the request ? I would appreciate if there is possibility of network that i can create for HMI , where the MCu would be able to do the addressing and send cmd to the HMI based on its address and vice versa , the HMI can send the cmd using its address 

Generally such is handled MCU side and not Nextion side.

I agree with you , on from MCU i  am able to work with different address components on network , but what happens with nextion hmi , is when to hmi have same button id it just send cmds to both or receive input  from same button while the mcu have difficulty in identifying from where the cmd is coming from , in such case usually when you are using multiple similar components  on one network they usually have addressing form communication 

Image result for RS 232 networkImage result for RS232 network with address

Serial by protocol is Master to Single Slave

You can indeed take an MCU and create an intelligent hub where every Master-Slave remains independently Master-Slave

... or you can join the many attempting to do as you describe, an issue now in more than three decades of debate.

Nextion remains a TTL Serial (Master Slave) device (note not rs232c or RS232)

Your resulting issues from trying to bend from the norm, will again create even more issues (as it has over the last 30 years).

So while you seek to go down your route,

  I'd quickly take either an adapter to a different protocol, or create a small MCU hub.

well if i came with solution will share 

 ouuuuuuuch, you even can save more than 50% of your "Design", just don't connect Nextion-TX to PC-RX ...

but then, even no need for a TouchScreen ...


There are so many MCUs out there in the wild which have up to 6 UARTs "on board", like for example the powerful 32bit 180MHz Teensy 3.6 (at the same price as an original Arduino UNO). Why then bother with serial multiplexing?

maybe one of the last unsolved human myth? :-)

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