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SOS - Save Our SRAM: Remove the Text Password attribute in v0.39

I am going to argue that the .pw attribute in v0.39 is an absolute waste of memory.

This is chewing up what little available SRAM is available for user HMI projects,

when the same results is being done with fonts without losing precious SRAM.

Having added a such a useless attribute has stole precious SRAM from every single text component in the users HMI project.  Unnecessarily, as usually only one text component would be used for a password - yet all text components now carry the cost - even in projects where this is not needed.


Creating the passmask font was made easy in the ZI Editor months ago using the

character table to define a font of all asterisks.  The attached password.chr saves even the lazy user from the task of editing the table - simply place in the same folder as ziedit.exe.  The user then has the ability to create a zi font of all asterisks in any size the user chooses, and even define a decorative asterisk as they see fit.  As reflected in the photo above.

In the Nextion Editor, switching to password maskings is as simple as:

    t0.font=1  // where 1 is the font number containing the passmask zi font.

Also attached for even the laziest of users, are the four fonts above in 16-40.

As more and more useless features of the Text component continue (centering horizontal, vertical, wrapping now masking), it might we wise to create a new component and call it a Plain Text component with no bells and whistles for those of us trying to create complex projects having to squeeze for every byte you are so quick to be stripping away.

Perhaps even creating proper string handling routines where SRAM isn't stolen away may provide an even better solution.  Bloating the firmware is cruel - it is going to strand your followers at lower versions that don't break their projects.

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Although this wasn't a real feature request, it is now marked as reviewed.

On second thoughts, shouldn't I be able to give user me preferential treatment

Save some SRAM - Carried forward

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