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GPS lost fix if turn on Nextion 4,3 Enhanced display

I have problem with fixing GPS position using Ublox Neo M6, if turn on my Nextion 4,3 Enhanced display. If display is turned off, ublox fix position during few seconds, but if I connect display to power, fix is lost. I think, that this problem is caused by electromagnetic interference from display. Because problem is present if the display is connected to same power and also if is connected to the separated power.

Does anyone have same problem or solution? 

There very well could be interference.  What was your devices and antenna placements?

Small EMF fields are generated by electronics.  Antennas usually require clearance, and not being blocked by anything for a specified distance (including connecting wires whose path cuts through this zone).  They are sensitive by their very nature of what you are getting them to do.  Placement of the GPS is going to be key, and as with any antenna, you will need to adjust the positioning as required.

My instinct is that I would want to place my GPS antenna a short distance away from the remaining components (arduino, nextion).  The GPS antenna wants to be facing skyward. while the Display may be used at varying angles to view the display.  If the antenna is fixed in any manner and no longer skyward, this too can play into trying to get best placement.  The Nextion display should not in any way be "over" the antenna blocking it.

Hope some of this is helpful.

May I recommend asking this question in the Free Chat section where it may get more answers.

As this is not a Nextion bug, I will mark this topic here as solved

I have exactly the same issue, I tried with a metal shell and aluminum foil and it seems to improve slightly.

The part of the screen seems that emits less interference.

my first guess EM interferrence ... the Nextion contains a high MHZ running STM MCU ... and every routed connection also will act as somekind of antenna ... that's the nature of plain components ...

When using for such projects, components like displays, controllers, ..., should be EM-shielded as best possible ... and that's no trivial task ...

That's a common problem, everywhere a simple PC is running, you will encounter a similar issue ...

CW-professionals can tell a story about ...


Were any of you able to solve this issue?  I'm having the same issue with a Arduino Mega, Nextion 7, and UBlox 6

there is nothing to "solve" because it is no bug. EM interference and how to shield against is user care and depends on individual installations. There is no universal rule in general how to do so ... what works at A does not mandantory work at B ...

As already told, correct EM shielding is not a trivial one, and far beyond hobbyists scope and knowledge in general ...

Perhaps the Green "SOLVED" at the top of the thread is an indicator.

As it turned out this was indeed not a Nextion BUG.

Gerry and Patrick I understand that this is not an issue with the nextion, but I wanted to see if Jan or Mario were able to get the GPS module and nextion to work together. Were they able to successfully implement shielding or was it a serial problem like some have suggested and put either the GPS or nextion on software serial.

The Free Chat section of the Nextion forum would be the place for open discussion.

However, wiring and physical component placement of parts is less of a discussion.

I already gave Jan the basics of "place and test, move, place and test" and the why.

I would be more inclined to look for successful ublox projects, then open a discussion.

But I would recommend reading on GPS, antenna requirements.

Such are surely in the component Datasheets of either ublox or the GPS component.

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