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Add micro-USB port with USB to serial build-in to all Sonoff devices?

I have an idea is that if implemented could mean that Itead would get a broader market to sell more hardware to.

The idea is that Itead should consider making the Sonoff series more hacker-friendly by added a micro-USB port (with USB to serial build-in) on them all in order to make flashing the firmware much easier without soldering. 

If all Sonoff devices had an micro-USB port so that just about anyone could flash any Sonoff devices with third-party firmware without soldering then I believe that the worldwide hacker-community could make your Sonoff devices famous and more popular than any other smart home / home automation devices.

I believe this because people love the functionality of ESP8266 devices with third-party firmware but most people are not comfortable to solder on their own. 

In conclusion; if you built-in USB to serial to make flashing firmware easy for anyone then the worldwide hacker-community would make the tools needed to make it is even more easy and you could sell much more hardware.

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We will consider it.