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Combine features of Sonoff Pow and Sonoff TH10/TH16?

I really like the general concept of the newly announced “Sonoff Pow” in that I really appreciate that you added a power meter to it, but my feedback on this product is that Itead should have also kept the sensor port (3,5 inch plug) that the Sonoff TH10/TH16 models have. 

As it would be great if that new “Sonoff Pow” not only featured a power meter but also could use the same external sensor probes as the Sonoff TH10/TH16 models.

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Sonoff Pow just featured with power meter but no any sensor support

@FreeZinG. I know that. This was a feature request for Itead to add it to future versions of Sonoff Pow.

That is, I would very much appriciated if the future versions of Sonoff Pow model could also have the same type of 3.5-inch phone connector (autio jack) on it as the Sonoff TH10/TH16 models have for sensor probes.

Itead could ask its engineers to check if there is sufficient space on the PCB to put the same 3.5-inch phone connector (autio jack) on as well, that way we get best of both in one product.

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It may be better if you opened a Support Ticket in the upper right corner for such a request.

Where you have placed you Sonoff request is in with the Nextion Displays user forum.

Staff are less likely to look here, but they do read their Support Tickets

My mistake. But don't they have forum moderators which can move the thread to the correct forum?

No problem with the thread staying or moving.

I was just trying to help you get your request in front of the eyes that should be reading it.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

This is not Nextion Feature request - I will try to redirect

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