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how to control a relay using arduino and nextion??


I want to use the touch screen to control a 4 channel relay to some motors for my graduation project
I have an Arduino UNO


Sounds like an interesting project.

Perhaps when it is completed you could post more details about it here in the Gallery.

Revisiting this: 
You weren't in any means suggesting that others to do your Grad Project?

They studied to pass, and not to know

    Outraged Science took her revenge ...

          For they did pass - and they didn't know

YOU have to know to be useful in the workforce after Graduation.  Bonne Chance!

Patrick Martin


I'm not asking people to do my project, I'm just asking for some help, BTW I'm already done with my project, i just wanted to add extra feature.

Alright, so you are stating it is graded already, and now you wish to expand upon your project?

I can deal with Nextion issues. 

What extra Nextion features are you trying to add and having difficulty with.


  • what you have tried for this extra feature,
  • where do you think it is failing, and
  • why? What do you think might be causing it to fail

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