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3.5" Enhanced

It might be of interest that while the Enhanced 3.5" is sold with a 32M Flash a successfully compiled 7.5M TFT fails to inform of limit in the number of pages.

The documentation does not state any such restrictions, presumably because who is going to use the product to create such a massive extensive HMI product, and yet the project hasn't even breached the 25% capacity of the available Flash.

If such a restriction exists, it would be incorrect (thus a BUG) that the Compile process would continue to compile beyond such page limit to produce a correctly and successful compiled TFT - even though there is no hope for it to run correctly on the device. 

Pages set with .sta = solid color and .bco = 65535 (white) begin to show with background colors of varied level gray and black. 

Multiple attribute values begin to go missing.

It would certainly be curious assuming a page is a byte value in the range of 0 to 255, how this failure arbitrarily occurs from page 166 and following?  Is this number set by rand on start up or how is this number determined?  Was there a lottery or pool in the developer pit?

Found the Aribitrary cause.

Debug Simulator is failing when (sizeof(tft_file) + sizeof(firmware)) > 4MB.

So .. I can imagine it would be rather difficult to debug large project on a 32MB enhanced device.

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