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Git hub License

It looks like 12 year old kids created this:

    Version 2, December 2004 

I thought ITEAD was a company ran by adults? 

Actually, that's kind of funny. 

Perhaps the adults that run the company now were 12 years old 12 years ago in 2004.

This is painful, the Nextion arrived, so far I have found NO instructions on how to hook it up or how to set the serial baud. I did finally find the RX/TX pins marked on the rear of the unit but I can't get my terminal to talk to the Nextion, just scrambled text. I really shouldn't have to try every baud and combo of serial setting to use this, where is it listed?

Above this Thread you'll see Discussions / Nextion / Feature Requests  - click Nextion

Scroll down into the Announcement section to Nextion FAQs - click Nextion FAQs 

This thread covers everything from what little data sheets are available, connections, Tutorials, Arduino

Library and most importantly the Nextion Instruction Set.

The FAQs section 2. covers the connection.  Upload over serial is auto search, auto baud.

So there is a lot of info branching off from the FAQs, you should perhaps review the material.

Though limited there is a fair amount to familiarize yourself with.

I see you have found the links to where the information branches out from.

As you will see in the Nextion Instruction Set - the default is 9600 N81.

This can be changed with the baud or the bauds command.

There is much to digest - I'll let you get back to reading.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Although this wasn't a real feature request, it is now marked as reviewed.

A better licence has been selected

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