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6 channel programmable relay

Finaly completed the project and decided to share the results. The project was made possible thanks to Patrick Martin, with his invaluable support. 

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You're project looks very professional - you've done an awesome job indeed.

It is nice to see what some tips and techniques in a forum have inspired - more than I imagined.

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Thanks for positive feedback. I had support during the project and want to help others.
My nextion project is not perfect and may not be object to follow, but still a variant to research.


Can you share the Arduino code of this project


I can share the code, but it's not an Arduino code. It's pure IAR AVR C/C++.

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Yes i want Avr /c code .i have skill in  Avr programing

It's big enough and mostly spicific to hardware. So I suppose you want to see part which support MCU - Nextion interaction?

So there is a part of code.


(1.93 KB)
(14.5 KB)
(450 Bytes)
(8.77 KB)
(1.39 KB)
Thank you dear


Has someone don a tutorial on this

As far as I know, there has not been a Nextion tutorial on this.

Konstantin has very generously provided some his code.  You would need to check with him if he intended the code to be public domain, if only if that was the intention, perhaps someone else should do such a tutorial but only with his permissions -- this has been a lot of work for him to do, it is not really appropriate that he give all his hard work away for free.

I would pay for some one to show me.

Then you need to be specific about the material list you want to use.

Hardware, MCU, etc and your requirements.

Perhaps a required price is offered for such a specific tutorial

Perhaps Konstantin may agree to your offer and even make you one of his design.

- but is your goal to purchase or to learn how to do.  Nextion is one aspect

- the relay electronics is again another aspect with many sources on the net as well

  - although maybe not as nice as Konstantin final product

can we talk some were I don't want to take talk away from Konstantin

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