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Wifi Ceiling fan controller (ESP8266)

It would be great a development of a Wifi Ceiling fan controller based on ESP8266 (reprogrammable).
Controlling light and fan speed.

Features like this one:

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How do you envision that is to interface with the Nextion Display like this one:

I envisioned as a controller that could be controlled by eWeLink app. And reprogrammable (ESP8266) so it could be integrated in other automation platforms and controlled by many ways.

Then to increase your odds of a successful suggestion, you might want to perhaps locate the proper place to post your suggestion.   The category "Nextion / Feature Requests" that you have posted this to is more like requests that the Nextion firmware might one day include support for variable width fonts, or have increased usart throughput.  Such a request buried in here may never be seen by those who might need to see it.

Ohhh. Sorry and tks for the advice Patrick!

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

This is not Nextion Feature request - I will try to redirect

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