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Rotate the screen via system variables

It would be nice if it could rotate the display via system variables. Also it would be nice if it could save the settings in Eeeprom as "dims".

Then in the Editor would only the possibility for horizontal or vertical.

For our project that would be virtually

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routieren is maybe wrong words.

I mean to rotate the screen 180 degrees.

In the editor you choose horizontal and may later turn horizontally.

Or you choose in the editor vertical and can later turn vertical.

Which version of the Nextion Editor are you using?

Version v0.38 in the settings has the ability to rotate your screen 0, 90, 180 and 270.

This of course can not be reconfigured at runtime but only at design time.

The only option therefore is to have 4 versions of your HMI compiled and stored on your connecting MCU, should the user require a different orientation, have your MCU upload the appropriate TFT to the Nextion.

If this does not help solve your issue, please try explaining again.  Nice video btw.

This is how we make the current.

My problem is that we also support the Enhanced display to and I have to do four tft files now. This we distribute via an OTA update. There were built over thousands of these devices.

All of the many tft files explodes the amount of data.

I just do not understand why this can not happen at runtime.

That would also be other projects very helpful and allow other housing.

The firmware uses hardcoded addressing.  For each orientation, everything from pictures to font matrix data is stored in the chosen orientation.  It can not happen at run time as there is no means to "recompile" or "reassemble" all of this data into the new orientation on the Nextion itself.

The amount of data exploding by thousands of devices is a good thing - means you're selling thousands of devices, but it doesn't make data usage x quantity of units an valid issue - such logic is flawed.

But if you are looking at reducing data usage per device there are two choices:

- statically loading the TFT choices on a flash - but that means updating is painful

- reduce the number of TFT updates making each update more meaningful (not small bug fixes) using dynamic updating as you are doing OTA

My suggestion is

if you are updating OTA and are following the tft upload of serial routines as published bt Itead, then you have the ability to issue the connect command - doing so provides you with the model.

Online storage of 4 TFTs in each orientation for each model is not that significant - it is the retrieving 4 of for every device on each update that makes it significant.

Having a screen where the user can select their orientation is simple as well.

Once the user selects their orientation

  issue a connect but don't upload. pause and disconnect (or meet minimum delay between connect retry)

Now parse the orientation choice with the model and retrieve the desired tft

Reinitiate the upload - this time uploading the updated TFT

This reduces the update download to just one TFT file per device rather than four per device.

Also noted in the video

- the user is having issue with the return icon in the upper right corner due to bezel depth

  using a hotspot to increase the permitted area for the return press may help.

I have not understood allowing for other housing.

The Nextion Editor v0.38 already allows for the HMI design to be compiled in all 4 orientations.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Multiple orientation support in single TFT - previously requested - carried forward.

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Is there any update on this yet? I can't find anything about this. 

I read it was carried forward in the post above.

Any ETA available for this?

This feature request was represented.  Less likely to occur.

All positions of 0, 90, 180 and 270 are possible - 1 per HMI

Itead released the upload protocol to change out by MCU.

Crafty code can also achieve some effects

But, much less likely to occur as multiple in single HMI

 - all technical already stated.

So if I understand correctly, it's not possible to change it that way you can set a page's orientation?

I've seen the upload protocol yes, however I'm not skilled enough to build that kind of things. I'm using the Nextion Editor for a reason, because it's very clear and fast.

"No VaporWare Policy ..."

sorry, when we have something to publish, we will be the very first who will do ...

We won't state any about things which are not finished. It wouldn't be very seriouse to give any ETA or other promise, which we maybe can't fulfill ... too many things can happen which may influence a given workflow ...

And there is nothing more bad than delay a given promise ... so, we just don't do ... sorry ...

Just stay tuned ... 

In the meantine, this all can already be done in user code ...


How is that example achieved? I'd love to know more about this! Or is it with rotated font and images?

* Now I'm a bit confused, I see this is marked as not taken? *

 why confused? This Feature Request was made nearly 1 year ago. And there is just one voter for ... that's a bit too less to even think about ...

Sorry, when we have 500 voters for such an idea, I at least have a good base for discuss with our developers.

And as showen, with a little thinking a runtime rotating can be achieved with plain Nextion user code ... 

How the demo was done ... honestly, many ways lead to Roma ... which way you finally take is up to your imagination ...

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