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How to connect SIM800 GSM ADD-ON to RaspberryPi 3


I am confused about how to connect SIM800 GSM module to RaspBerry PI 3. I connect the module to RaspBerry PI using the GPIO pins. What happends now?

Are those GPIO pins automatically connected to RaspBerry PI? Should it already work? I no, do I have to connect the module using UART TTL USB converter anyway using 6, 8 and 10 GPIO pins? Even if it is connected to RaspBerry PI using all GPIO pins?

Thank you,


I have the same problem. Very lose documentation on how to setup this device on Raspberry Pi 3.

Please write some kind of instruction for us to follow. I need GSM connect using this device asap to finish my project!

Hi, can anyone tell us how to connect the wiring? Or its just as a hat on RPI3?


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