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Data read from some device via Arduino, to Nextion

  I need your help to start my another project; to write the .ino file for Arduino; 

 case is this:

       device   to arduino(mega) on serial TX2 RX2

       Nextion to arduino(mega) on serial TX3 RX3

now, I need to read hex data from that device, on Nextion t0

for that, i send this command for device to return desired data:

       FE FE 30 EO 06 FD,

now the device respond with:

       FE FE E0 30 06 XX XX XX XX XX FD

where " xx xx xx xx xx " is data need it to read on Nextion t0.

  Thank you in advance!

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Nextion on pins 10 and 11., sorry.

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