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Implementation of "refresh event" for pages or "change event" for variables



I would like to see an refresh event for pages. If you have a lot of numerical variables as an interface to your MCU and you do a lot of text stuff based on the variables, this would be handy.

so you can send like


Item.val = 123

.... tons of others ...

ref main


Btw: a change event for variables would do the trick as well.

Any plans to implement that?

Any supporters of that idea?

P.S.: I looked into Nextion just a few days ago (albeit after 35 years in the industry), so maybe I missed something.

KR Martin

Perhaps See the ref, click and doevents in the Nextion Instruction Set.

- ref refreshes components, but does not trigger an event

   - if the attribute being set is item.val there is an auto component refresh that occurs.

- doevents is a sort of event refresh allowing a yield to process waiting interrupts

- click allows you to trigger a Touch Pressed or Touch Released Event

There are current supporters of an onChange Event, and the difficulty here is that none of the structures in the Nextion are objects - they are record structures, so there is no real mechanism to attach an onChange event without a complete rewrite.  This is a limitation of the size of the STM32/GD32 chip sizes and the way the code has written (Sequential as oppose to Event Driven)

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Refresh page - already implemented

onChange event - carried forward

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