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List of properties/attributes anywhere?


is there a list of properties/attributes of the various compontents (buttons, pages, etc.)?

KR Martin

In the Nextion Editor lower right side,

Noticed that. Hoped there was an overwiew document like component/Attribute/Event summary. Perhaps I'll write one.
Case closed.


Yeah, and in two months it evolves, drastically changes it and making it obsolete. (v33, v36 ...)

- Just about due for the new format

Breakdown is this:

Page Component Preinitialize Event is executed

Page loads as per your HMI design (wiping out current values and unloading previous page)

Page Component Postinitialize Event is executed

Loop waiting for events

- serial command

- touch press/release event

- timer event

- gpio triggers

Items in black in the attribute section can be changed at design time

Items in green in the attribute section can be altered at run time

Items in bold green in the attribute section will auto refresh the component when changed

The click command using a hotspot is the best user interface for a user procedure

- click m1,1 (triggers hotspot m1 pressed event)

- click m3,0 (triggers hotspot m3 released event)

gpio can be bound to a component and therefore able to trigger the pressed/released events

Components are record structures and not objects

HMI is sequential with the exceptions of touch/timer/comm/gpio interrupts

Nextion Instruction Set is primary document

printh and print commands allow users to basically create their own protocols to the MCUs

serial is ttl and not bidirectional (interrupt priority issue)

- caution has to be taken to continue to receive while sending.

Except for the interrupts having firmware functions, there are no true "events"

- record structures not objects.

All components have TouchPressed and Touch Released Events

- Page has the additional PreInitialize, PostInitialize Event

- Slider has the additional TouchMove Event

- Timers only have Timer Event

Event user code MUST be non-complex expressions and integer math

- this means 60000/20001 is equal to 2

Calling a component on another page is senseless - it isn't in memory

It will generate the undocumented Error Code 0x02 Invalid Component ID

Global declarations are for .txt and .val attribute values (copy in memory), and does not make the component available - refer to record structures and not objects.

The TJC Chinese USART HMI version is released ~10 days before the international Nextion Editor

Occasional errors occur in our documentation (page 0 - refresh current page)

The Chinese Indexed Font format can be used in the Nextion Editor.

USART HMI and Nextion Editor are the same binaries.

What is created in one (Nextion Editor) cannot be placed on the other (TJC displays).

And Closed Cases are for Bug Reports and Feature Requests - not free chats.

Thanks for your time.
That makes my feature request for a refresh event for pages or a change event for variables obsolete.

 Is there any way to erase a thread I have started?

The forum allows for erasing a comment within a thread, but not the thread.

I wish there was a way to group the same topics though.   Most users will never read 200 topics deep to find the thread where it was discussed previously.  But I think as long as the threads have or point to current info, it will help the person that trips across it next.

Your previous industry experience ... perhaps might want to contribute to the open source?  The TJC and Nextion displays are closed source units, but we have a window where an open source edition is being considered (find the Free Chat - Open Source Hot or Not thread and comment).  The idea would be to have a compatible project that solves some of the missing features and short comings.  Compatible as it would be sponsored by the exact same good folks.

Would love to contribute, given sufficient proficiency at my end. 63 and retired I've plenty of time available :-). I'll go read the Open Source Topic to sync and get a picture.

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