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debug / simulator window cut off.

I have a laptop Win7 32 bit. Screen Resolution 1600x900. Nextion editor v.038. Circumcized bottom of the debug window. Nextion editor v.038. When you solve this problem?

(228 KB)

I'll redo the previous:

I haven't been able to recreate your issue.  Even on 1366x768 resolution, it is my simulated screen that begins to go to scroll mode, while the bottom remains steady.

What happens when you maximize your debug window?  or When resizing your debug window?

Is this happening in every Nextion launch?  Was it happening in v.037 as well?

Does it still occur after reboot?

The Nextion Editor is built on and relies on the .Net framework, have all updates been made?

More questions - I see you are debugging for the Enhanced 2.4"

Is it occurring if you create a larger project - say 5.0"? 

Does it still occur in a Basic project?

Oh, Patrick, how do you react quickly! Thank you! I have tried to maximize the window, I even cleaned the toolbar on the desktop. Alas, everything remains the same as in the screenshot. The only thing that is pomogaet- change the screen orientation from horizontal to vertical, that is 900x1600. But then the work is inconvenient :). By the way, on another computer, with a screen resolution of 1440x1080 (4: 3), everything works fine. I still experience a different resolution modes of Nextion display, later I will write.

I experienced 5-7 inches for the screen. Everything remained still. Please correct.


Was v038 the first version of the Nextion Editor on your computer system, or did you have an earlier version that was automatically upgraded to v038?

It is hard to say what setting on your computer is causing this.  Again, the program is written in .Net 3.5 and the problem is limited to a computer - and not all computers as you yourself have experienced.  So it is hard or impossible to say what program or setting on your computer is causing your conflict.

I am going to suggest that you try placing a fresh copy of the Nextion Editor in a separate folder (unzip the attached into a new folder) and run the fresh copy from there.  If this does not work you will have to determine what software on your system is causing the conflict.  There isn't any code in the Nextion Editor that would be limiting the debug screen vertically.  Horizontally, the Return Data segments start getting truncated - but nothing vertically.



Has this issue been solved for you in v0.40?

No, this notebook still remains as before. Apparently this is a problem of the laptop.

It seems to me as if there is a setting within your windows theme that is setting the statusbar fonts to a size that is too large for the Debug Status bar.  I have placed this on the known bug lists with a recommendation that the debug statusbar font be fixed and independent of the parent container font.  But I would look to your windows settings.  As it is queued to be dealt with, it will be marked as solved.

In this case solved will mean queued to be handled and known.

Patrick, I solved this problem. Indeed, as you said, the problem was in the on-screen fonts. I had found an increase of 125%. I made 100%, and everything worked as it should. Thanks for the support!

This has been something stuck in the back of my mind trying to sort out why.

Now It's celebration time, Vadim.

Here is a screenshot of the window:

(384 KB)
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