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Experience using iTead for commercial product production?

Will it end up on iteads website for sale? We would hate to pay for FCC certification and have instant competition.

Sorry, but this is definitely not a Nextion Feature Request.  I'd highly doubt there could be much IP worthy to be worried about if you couldn't figure out which category this should have been placed in.  I wonder what your boss must be thinking right now after you probably offended your best ally and fucked up whatever advantage you could have had. 

If you don't have legal protections (such as registered patent grants and trademarks) then you should have been pursuing them if you had been that concerned - but this would be obvious for your boss.  Without such patents, taking an approach of doing it in house till you established yourself would have been another route - so you probably don't have the $2K for 3D printer and an etching get up and the loss of business would have been no great loss anyhow as the order is probably not worth talking about.  If it wasn't something that could be patent protected, then the strategy would have been a race to build a brand, and having your branded PCBs being sold anywhere and everywhere would have been an advantage - and having your product listed in Itead's Mall would have been seen for the advantage option that was well worth paying for and on the list of things to negotiate.

So you either do things either in-house or find a partner you can trust.  Funny thing about trust - it is a two way street, and you just publically stated you have no trust, no cash and no experience. And posting it publically on your potential partners website is such a deep fucking insult.  I have to imagine that your boss should be well embarrassed by your actions made here today (I have to assume you're just an aide because no boss would be that freaking incompetent).  Hope that you didn't use the company email, and I bet you are wishing this board had a delete button - but nope - it doesn't.

For anyone that should read this thread into the future, this is a great example of what not to do. 

The sheer level of freaking arrogance needed to imply hard working business people are freaking thieves and post such comment publically on their website while considering doing business with them.  I am not sure that any owner of a respectful company needs to stoop so low as to take this kind of arrogant prejudiced customer on.  Even if times were hard, it would be hard to justify why anyone would need to subject their professional hard working staff to such suspicion and open them up to such outright abuse.

But I am not sure what favourable business outcome Dee Tee et al were expecting to gain while publically insulting the people they are trying to do business with?  Not a great business move.  Amateurs.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Although this wasn't a real feature request, it is now marked as reviewed.

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