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Radio button

 Please add image and image crop options for radio button, 
Thank you !

for all those, who just click and drag'n drop code without big thinking ...

What is the basic of a RadioButton? Logically, it is nothing more than a dual-state object, which can change and keep its state. Nothing more, nothing less.

All other, like group-behave or multi-states, is based on underlaying code, but has nothing to do with this basic object functionallity.

So,a RadioButton is at design-time nothing more than a CheckBox or a Dual-State Button. All can be used to represent 2 different states uppon user interaction.

Even it is commonly used to use a RadioButton inside a group with mutual trigger, it is NOT forbidden by law, to use or allow

- a RadioButton as a CheckBox
- a CheckBox as a RadioButton
- multy RadioBox checks inside a group
- DualState-Button as a Checkbox
- DualState Buttons as RadioBoxes
- ...

Is there really a need to bloat a firmware of a limited small MCU with user-tailored functionalities, only because the user is NOT able to use what is already there?

Use a DualState-Button, this object HAS image and crop-image options ... And which graphic and code you use, that's really up to you ...

Sometimes I am really wondering ...



Mr. ? G,

  in the basic think, yes you are 100% right, and that is your point of view.

From my point of view, I need a radio button, because I need a ROUND button for my project, not a square ! and yes, this is a  " design-time"  and I need it.

 Sure until my request will be made it (if), I use as you say a dual stat button,  If I ask something, that not mean I'm stupid as you suggest, and don't know to use something else, until I get what I need.

 And, if someone put questions, means that person need to learn something, and a fool one is that who think is so smart and know all..
 I'm so beginner with instructions for this display, because my skills if on hardware , and less on programming . I think is a difference.

 In attachment you have example if you are "really wondering".

a fool is also somebody who ask a question inside the "feature request" and not inside the "general discussion" section ... :-)

anyway, when you observe your HMI carefully, you may recognice

- on page 1 , the radio-button area is also NOT round, it is square :-)
- on page 2, nobody force you to use such a badly masked graphic for your button ...

When you rework your graphics a bit, especially the blue background part, and maybe choose a color which fit the displays background color ... then your buttons look like a round radio-button. Thats even no coding issue, thats a design issue.

But this design issue you also must face when using other objects ...

So, when I see your HMI, I even more don't understand your question/feature request ...



Example was done in a minute to understand what I actually do is project page.

  forum is supposed to be a dialogue and help each other, not offend

I leave you in your world ..


absolutely correct, sorry for my ignorance, but to get the right help you also should ask in the right section ... and I still don't understand your "feature request", because your HMI already showed exactly what you asked for ...
Rework your graphics, and you exactly get what you ask for ... a round graphical radio-button with your underlaying graphics ... so, where is the missing ????



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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

.sta crop image / image - carried forward

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