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vis other page

I would hide a text that is in other page.
Here is my code: vis page2.n0,0
(n0 it's global)

it does not work.
Can you help me
thank you

use vis n0,0 whether it is global or not.

Just to be clear - all components in ANOTHER page are actually hidden.  Since the OTHER page is not the current page, the OTHER page is not in memory.  When a number component is GLOBAL, it is the value that has a memory location - not the component as it is not in memory until the page it is in is the current page being displayed.  Everything else is NOT in memory -- and thus IS hidden.

using page2.n0 is assuming two things

one: that you have a page named page2 (not the second page but a page by the name page2)

two: that this page2 is the current page.

If the difficulty is that after changing back to page2 n0 become visible again, it is because the page has been reloaded as designed (and the HMI designed components ARE visible).  If this is the case, then place your vis n0,0 in the page2 PostInitialize Event.  This way AFTER the page is loaded with its default values, the PostInitialize Event commands are run, and presto n0 disappears.

On my
page1 I have 2 buttons.
2 buttons go on page2
1er button makes visible n0
the 2nd button makes hide n0


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