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Add a command/mode for passing through/echoing RX data

Sometimes it would be desirable to "daisychain" devices and for that it would be good if the Nextion had a command or mode where incoming data is just passed through to TX without any further processing and error response.

If that could also controlled via one of the PIOs that would be good too.

As the pio can be tied to a component, tying it to a hotspot essentially makes the pressed event on pio = 1 and the released event on pio = 0.  Therefore it is possible in the event code set up a repeater inside the hotspot where pio3=pio2 by setting pio2 as incoming and pio3 as outgoing and triggered by toggling pio1.

I can not quite figure how this would allow me to have any arbitrary byte sent to the Nextion via RX being forwarded with the correct baudrate to a PIO. I can (somehow) imagine that I'd get the same bit sequence out there, but the timing would be off by miles, I'd assume.

I agree that the timing could be off -- or at best the data is slightly delayed.  Certainly bitbanging.

Using your trigger pin tied to a clock via an interrupt on your MCU would set the proper timing, so the timing issue is taken care off.  No?  Create a small buffer of 16 to 32 bits with two number vars to hold a few bytes then if you had to increase your data transfer to keep pace, you could use two or even four gpio pins to send data quicker - this would compensate for the additional compute overhead.  So it would probably work, delayed by the buffer, but keeping time.  It's not a hardware UART but bitbanging software serial has been around for ages.

(You have this posted in Free Chat, I figured you were looking for a discussion - it would make an awesome Feature Request).

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That's true, this would be better as a feature request!

Is there a way to change the category of this thread or do I have to submit that again?

I've ALWAYS had to repost.  Obviously, it would have to be for a revision 2 or maybe the Intelligent Series when they come out as the Enhanced series are locked in.

BTW, don't forget to add it to the HOT or NOT: OPEN SOURCE HMI !! Yes or No ... Wish Lists? thread as well.  Jerry is willing to ponder the open source if there is enough support.

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