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Add High-Z mode for PIOs (enhanced version)

To interact with some hardware adding a high-Z input mode (without pull-up) would be useful. The STM32 should support that.

I'd like to control a DFPlayer mini ( ) via four PIOs, but that's not possible (without extra hardware) due to the lack of a High-Z pin mode.

I can however already control the player via serial commands, but the direct control via PIOs would be nice too.


Is there any indication that the PIOs can accept values other than the binary 0 and 1?

perhaps a value within a rangeĀ ... and how large that range might be?

Two of the pins of the module can also be used as analog in, but the way I intend to use them is only digital.

With a Particle Photon (STM32F2xx) I can control these pins as HighZ (input w/o pull-up) when not triggered and open drain LOW when triggered.


Thanks Scruff.r,

I was referring to the PIOs on the Nextion Enhanced displays - wondering if the Display's pins can accept values other than binary 0s and 1s

Nope, they are only digital

can you not set the pin to output HI configured as open drain?

I tried that, but for some reason that doesn't work as expected.

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