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nextion 2.8 screen blinks white 3 times and repeats

I recently have been working with my interface between Nextion and Arduino. I made a small change to my code (arduino) to increase the baud rate from 9600 to 115200 and after updating my code my Nextion screen went blank. I removed 5 vdc from the display and tried to reapply power and it only blinks white. It seems to blink a sequence of 3 and stops and blinks 3 times repeated. Im not sure it has anything to do with my baud rate. I tried to apply external power with only power and ground but it does the same thing. Is this sequence of screen blinks a clue as to what may have happened? Thanks

See attached video


Well the first steps are to:

  • Compile a blank.tft project for the Nextion (perhaps with a background color on main page)
  • freshly format a Fat32 microSD card
  • copy the blank.tft file to the microSD card (only file on the card),
  • insert into the microSD card slot on the back of the Nextion,
  • turn the power off, wait, turn the power back on
  • (Nextion should show it is updating)  finishing with Update Successed!
  • Remove the microSD card
  • Cycle the power again
  • Allow the Nextion to reboot
  • and verify that the Nextion is running the blank.tft correctly.

These steps above do two things
  • Rule out that the Nextion Display is screwed while
  • sometime returning rogue values to a known working state

Baud rates could have something to do with your issue if the Nextion is expecting one value and the Arduino is using a different value .. one enters the fray.  Improper grounding and faulty wires could be a cause.  Faulty power - definitely a contender.  Also what was coded into the Nextion could play a part, too few details to go on.

Troubleshooting and the Nextion FAQs and Nextion Instruction Set are good guides.
Keep us informed of your progress and what you discover.

If you look on your forum I placed a video in the free chat section showing the screen blink. It sure looks like an error code to me. I had a single screen in the nextion program for making interactive buttons etc. I had 3 the t box and two buttons. I was simply writing back temperature to one of text box as a way to learn the program. The last thing I did was increase the baud rate on my arduino from 9600 to 115200. I compiled and the nextion displayed erased the current data in the text box and then started the white screen flash .
By the way thanks for the response

I spent the time to download your video and reviewed it twice before posting my suggestion of compiling and uploading a blank project to ensure your Display is not screwed.

If you can first ensure that your display is still functional, that is a good starting point.

If the display is NOT functional, it is hard to proceed on anything other than opening a Support Ticket

After you make sure your display is still functioning, then

- when you changed the baud rate,

did you issue the baud command to the Nextion (holds true until power reset)

or did you issue bauds (sets the value as the new default baud rate)

What was the reply code response from the Nextion when you issued the baud change

0x11 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF -- invalid baud rate value

0x00 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF -- invalid instruction

0x01 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF -- instruction accepted as okay

or perhaps another reply code response

I'll try uploading a blank page on Tuesday . I'm out of town for the moment. I'll keep you posted and thanks again. If it's dead I'll buy another but with the enhanced options.

Enjoy the long weekend.  I'll check back in on Tuesday as well.

tried the blank page this morning but still flashes like shown in the video. I guess its dead?

Before declaring it as dead

Check your power supply with a known good 5V (sometimes low power causes issues).

Use the adapter that came with the Nextion Display

Finally before declaring it dead, open a support ticket

I opened a ticket and the said everything you told me about a blank page. My incoming power is 5.2 Vdc. I several supplies as well as 2 different usb hubs. The way it blinks in sequence makes it look like some sort of internal code. At first I thought maybe a bad regulator but I don't want to spend a ton of time figuring out the circuit. I don't see any available schematics so it's a bit difficult to troubleshoot. I'm not going to throw it away but I need to buy another to continue with my project. You really can't beat the interface between MC and Nextion.
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