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Started Car Display Screen with Nextion Hmi

Video language is Turkish. I will add caption soon)

I started a project a months ago to design a car display screen. A lot of functions are controlled by nextion hmi. There are about 50 pages and over 100 components in Nextion 3.5" enhanced.

I edited all photos with photoshop. I am still designing my hmi project. I will use teensy and arduino to communicate with hmi and other control modules(rain sensor , headllight sensor, seat heater module , etc ....)

You can see interface and pages on my video.(English caption will be added)

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very nice project !
   Library for CAN is available?

Thanks. I didn't use can library. My car 's communication is old. (1998 bmw e36)

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What MCU is on the back of your 3.5"?  (Smaller Basics Models have the STM32F030C8T6)

I will use teensy 3.2, Patrick

What I meant was, you have a 3.5" Enhanced Display - what is the MCU processor chip that is on the back of the Nextion Enhanced Display

chip name is "gd32f103"

Thanks Bayram

Hey Bayram

Can you look at that chip again (looking for the part number) to identify one of:

RC, RD, RE, RF, RG, RI, RK, VC, VD, VE, VF, VG, VI or VK?

Or the likes ... I see there are even more options




Why do you need chip model? Aren't all 3,5" enhanced's chips same?(I bought it original)

Thanks Bayram,

I don't have an Enhanced Model yet, so I was curious.  Your video is awesome, and a lot of work.  When you posted a camera monitor feature (under Feature Requests), I began wondering it was currently possibly on your model.  Now that I know the model of the chip GD32F103RB (128K flash 20K ram) I can look into it further.

if camera monitor feature is supported, it will be amazing :-). I think eeprom feature is useless with more than 7-10 values while saving. You have to calculate bit of value and decide to write true adress so i am using arduino's eeprom. Altough there are a lot of pages and components, nextion don't stuck or is not bug anytime. We can also add only 6 six timers(scrolling text or timer) in a page.

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I have been playing with a cam concept in the Nextion Editor to see what might be possible.

I am not certain how close the timing in the Editor and the timing on the actual on the device is.

In the Editor debug mode I can get timings down to 

  • 40x30 picture stretched 8x8 per pixel 2.5 seconds
  • 80x60 picture stretched 4x4 per pixel 9.0 seconds
  • 160x120 picture stretched 2x2 per pixel 36 seconds
  • 320x240 picture stretched 1x1 per pixel at 142 seconds

I am not sure if the enhanced GPIO lines are just digital binary (accepting values of 0 and 1) or if they can accept a range of values (say 0 to 15, 0 to 255 etc).  If the later and it can accept a range, then it certainly would increase the speed of displaying a picture.

Have you had any luck or any indication there is any greater values outside of the binary 0 and 1 values?

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