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Picture Transfer With Uart or SPI


I want send picture (320x240) file to nextion 7" screen.

With Rx-Tx uart or with spi on the microsd card.,

The main goal to run the camera.

How can I do that?

Hey Blue

Please refer to Gerhard Kropf's Proof of Concept in the recently active thread (tenth in list, first page)

Displaying Images received by UART and addressing single pixels

It would certainly be easier to locate what is needed if like topics were continued in like threads.

This is also more of a Free Chat item than a Feature Request.

This is also a continuation of Discussing cam on 7.0" in Progress Bar Insufficient thread

Btw Blue, is you cam an OV7670 or what are you using for your project?

Yeah, OV7670. If possible .. :)

if possible, min 5 picture (320x240) for one seconds. :/

Have you acquired your cam yet? Do you have an OV7670? Or is "cam" in general?

Makes a big difference which docs, specs, code and libraries will need to be read.

I think not with send pixels. because uart 115kbps very slow. Maybe spi with sdcard, then, sdcard to screen.

?  sdcard to screen ??

I am sorry Blue, you were losing me.  This is not a current or planned project involving a Nextion Display.

This is a hot air dreaming list.  I start to realize this when sending "sdcard to screen" as Nextion is only UART RX/TX.  Not sending via UART because 115K is too slow, - Nextion's sole method.  And sending pics to sdcard - but you can't write to the sdcard on the Nextion.

LOL ... It's okay, I thought you talking about trying to do a cam in a real project with a Nextion.

Does the camera image on the screen? :))))

Please can you try with lower resolution? Example 50x50... Maybe 1 image for one second.

I am attempting this on with an Cortex-M3 STM32F103C8T8 (sitting under the display).

BUT there are a boatload of registers that you have to code for, and tonnes of reading.

It is my understanding that I can request the cam to only send pixels in range (x1,y1, y2,y2)

It is my understanding you can select different resolutions

It is my understanding it has control lines over I2C and 8 data lines returning

It is my understanding that it can send the data in 565 color - (no conversions needed for the Nextion as color of pixel being returned is the same color value you need to send over serial)

I'll attach some of the documents for the OV7670 - (why I was asking if your cam was an OV7670)
If your cam is different - totally different files.

If you MCU is different - totally different source code needed

I am not using Arduino - but without docs, cam projects do not get off the ground.

I am still going through working out coding the registers - still in reading mode right now.

(3.46 MB)

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

UART to slow to implement images effectively.  Little hope for such a feature.

Request is represented.

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