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eeprom read and write problem, please help


I want to read three or five values of components. But I am able to read only last value other values can not be read by repo command. Does Nextion only allow one value to save eeprom?(Note: All values are saved different adress on eeprom)

I uploaded a sample project to understand.I created three dualstate button. I want to save three button state to eeprom.


please look at this file. Above file is false.



the length of a number in .val attribute is 4 bytes.

Perhaps instead of addresses 10,11,and 12

Try addresses 10,14, and 18

And let me know.

Thanks Patrick. 10-14-18 addresses is working but I have a lot of component values so eeprom memory is not enough to store datas. I will use arduino's eeprom to store values. By the way I almost finish my project. I will upload a video soon.  Thanks again.

For Nextion Enhanced it looks like 1K of EEPROM and 16GB of flash. Can we load the EEPROM from data in flash memory? 

I need to use rept to send EEPROM data to a TTL device on the Rx/Tx, but I have different command sets that are larger than 1K. If I can load the EEPROM from flash data then I don't need a MCU and I can control my machine via the Rx/Tx pins using 5 volt TTL logic.

where did you buy the 16G model? I also want a few ... :-)

Nextion Enhanced does not look like 1K but from specs IS 1K

16GB of flash not available on any model. Link so we can buy too!!!

Can not load data from flash memory into EEPROM

If sending out from EEPROM, why not send out as printh

 - EEPROM surely takes more time.

Wow, printh, that was easy!

Sorry, meant 16MB flash.

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