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Dual state button status change

 Hello again,

  I have 4 dual state buttons, (like in hmi exampler)

I press but.1 = change but. colour and send serial command

If I pres second but. = also this change his colour and send his serial command

and so on..

 well, I need if I press the second button, first swap to first image colour (like unpressed), that to know the last serial command is active (ex. button 2)

 hope you know what I need, maybe good for others  :)

  Thank you for any help !


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sorry, i did it, is OK now !


I have been trying to do the same

How did you do it

I tried emailing you i cant get the email address right

My email is

Hey Peter

Perhaps the v38 radio button workaround will be helpful (full example).

If only one Dual-State button is being shown as active at a time, then it is the behaviour of a Radio Button

The example I provided shows how to handle multiple groups of multiple buttons

Both the Radio Button and the Dual-State Button are centered around the .val attribute 0 or 1

Hope this is helpful.

..posted also in gallery.

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