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(Sram) Memory shortage of arduino

Hi I am developing a car interface with 3.5" nextion hmi. Many functions on car will be controlled by nextion hmi and arduino so I have to add and define  about 100 components(button , slider , picture vs).

I have to use arduino pro mini(sram=2kb) , nano(sram=2kb) or  genuino micro (sram=2.5kb)

I can't use Arduino mega because of measurements. 

Is there a way to reduce library size?

I uploaded my sketch to check.


(8.21 KB)

This sounds more like the restrictions imposed by a challenge then a design choice.

  • What are the real restrictions. (size and other, why) 
  • Why 100 components in the design?
  • What are the actual functions that need to be accomplished?
  • Which Nextion Model will this be run on?

The Nextion has the capacity to do some processing, therefore less in needed on MCU.
Do you have a mock up of the HMI design?

I mocked my hmi interface and design up. There are 30 pages, about 150  (different sizes) pictures and also about 120 components in my 3.5" enhanced model. It is working properly but I have problem with arduino to manage these functions and components. I will try to add sram to arduino. If I don't solve this sram problem, I will use arduino 101. It is expensive but a good model for me.

Arduino mega is too big to use for my project. 

I am designing a car interface like a car onboard computer. We will be able to see petrol level, digital engine rpm, digital car speed, car roll and pitch values, air pressure ....... etc and also control seat massagers, seat heaters, auto headlight sensor, auto rolling window etc. I will upload and share a video when I finish the project.

In comparison the Arduino 101 is a stronger chip with better resources than a pro mini   =)

Have you seen the Intel Edison?  I was excited when they were going to bring the Curie chip out, but they really watered down the specs and for such a tiny chip they sure managed to create a large footprint.

The Edison is a bit up there as far as price and specs, but for everything it has included (wifi, Bluetooth, 4GB flash, 1GB Ram, 54 pins out on the Mini Breakout, dual-core atom at 500Mhz and a Quark MCU at 100 Mhz) it is my go to when I need a resource hog.  200mA when radios are off and 600mA and 1.8v logic.  The Arduino version is oversized, but the mini-breakout can fit under a Nextion 2.4".

The Arduino 101 can certainly get  the job done.  I am interested in how your project turns out.

I haven't heard it before. I just googled and it is good board and also able to use with arduino. Maybe future I will be able to learn it. Thank you for giving infos. I am going to be able to finish only nextion desing in three days. Code section takes long time to finish .I upload some photos of my interface screenshots. Menus are TURKISH but can see quality.

(76.1 KB)
(132 KB)

Bravo!  .. Looks very nice indeed.  Best wishes for sure!


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