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Progress Bar Insufficient

I want circular motion with progress bar. 

But there is only one direction motion.

From left to right or from bottom to top.

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circular?  as in starts left , goes to right,  wraps around, starts left again, goes to right ... repeats ??

Perhaps the Scrolling Text  is what you need using blocks as your chars?


Please check it demo.HMI.

I do not want it that way.

I want a circular motion. Circular filler.

(159 KB)

You mean like a radar screen? rotational movement like a clock hand?  Sorry, trying to understand.

Such as clock. Please check it attach.

Yes, exactly that.

No, I like that the look of the idea for sure. +1'd it.  

Any idea how you'd implement that in the limited SRAM available?

Progress bars must support it.

Or 100 tracks can be added to the photo location.

One possible way of actually doing it is to have a snapshot pic for each step (say every +5, then you only need to include 21 pictures for 0% to 100%), but have the middle number component show the actual accurate result. Then change the pic to truncated 5 value and update your number.

Yes, as I wrote above. But the resolution will be low.

Need a minimum of 180 photos.

Outside of the 21 pic work around, the amount of space available for firmware might fill all it has to attempt mine with no fancy shading, but 4.5K would definitely choke on the last graphic you posted.  Pics is the only way to go about the third pic.

Curious?  How do you come up with 180? pics needed?

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