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Write 0.01 to nextion

I have an Arduino mega linked to a nextion screen.

I'm trying to write 2.34 to NexNumber, but just writing 2

I use n2.setValue (bar)

can you help?

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I don't like using the modulo as it does have some inaccuracies.  BUT long way that will work

Could be a shorter way.

with numeric va0 for whole numbers and numeric va1 for fractional portions

and string va2 for string whole numbers and string va3 for string fractional part

add a hotspot an in Touch Press Event add 



cov va0.val,va2.txt,0

cov va1.val,va3.txt,2


change width and height of hotspot to be small and out of the way where no one thinks to click

multiply your value by 100 before sending:


click m0,1

Or you probably could do the conversion in your MCU so 2.34 becomes text "2.34" and send


(7.95 KB)

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