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v0.38 Does not convert waveform direction


please be aware that when upgrading to the new v0.38 the waveform direction flow "right to left" does not convert to the new command "right align".

Thanks also for fixing the previous problem with left to right in v0.38!

Hi Jan

Sorry for the long delay and no one answered.

As of v0.40 this still has not been fixed.

I will make sure they become aware of this and schedule it in to be fixed.

I can not promise as to what time frame it actually gets fixed.

Hi Patric

This has now been resolved. There is an option for both right align, right to left and left to right.

I use right to left. The waveform fills from the left until the waveform area is full and then starts scrolling everything to the left by adding new plots on the right. IMHO the way a logger should work.

Works perfectly thanks.

Kind regards


Hi Jan,

Tested in again under 0.40.  You are correct.

I was wondering if I might be able to interest you in a task.  It might be nice to have some tutorial/articles/examples for others.  Would you be interested in writing an article in the Free Chat Section on using Waveforms and the Sleep functions.  This would be something we link into from the Tips and Tricks list now on top of the Nextion Gallery section.

Hi Patric, sorry only see this now.

I normally enjoy helping others get a "kick start" on tough areas and normally would have jumped to help out. But currently I am doing 18 hour+ days to pull our project back on time before the December break and have to decline. I don't want to do a rushed job or half baked story as it may only mislead or confuse others and we know the net is already full of those....

Perhaps when things are not so hectic.

Thanks Jan

When you have time would be perfect. 

It has been a year+ without it until now, so a little more can't hurt =)

Godspeed for your project

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