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Updating RDM 8800

Hi everyone, 

I need to update my RDM 8800 Card Reader Module so that I can read ISO 14443 Type B cards. But i do not know how, is it possible if you can give me some guidance?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Just wondering if you found this Alex.  Link gives clues to where a patch is for v1.0 and v1.5, with that you might have enough of the how to execute the updates.  Also as the RDM8800 is OpenSource, I snoop around adafruit for more clues.  My guess is that for the ISO 14443B it may require more programming from specs ( PN532, LGT8F88A, ISO-14443B).  Also this link, which might give some general help.

good morning friends.

I'm looking for a nfc reader 13.56MHz for a project and the truth I found this reader RDM8800 and let me know if I puedor assembled to prove or if you sell and what price I would like to carry out the project with this reader what I want is to read the tags and send to a microcontroller via serial or USART if you can help me thank you from Colombia thank you very much.

this is my email:

if I can provide more information or assistance with this reader.

The link where Itead Studios sells the RDM8800 module for $15.00 USD + shipping

Wiki page for RMD8800

thank you very much for the answer but I get very expensive if there is a way to get a cheaper I thank you can help me.

NFC (and especially any NXP Mifare capabilities) is ALWAYS going to be a more expensive project.
To realize "less expensive" (to cost less than), someone will probably need to have either in depth knowledge and be skilled in electronics.  If someone purchases a less expensive kit, they probably are getting "cheaper" (of lesser quality, lesser reliability, or insufficient information to program a solution).

Although eBay has RC522 modules which uses different chips, I can not point you to any firmware or libraries that it uses, and your project's success without the proper firmware and libraries becomes questionable.  Wasted money becomes very expensive.  "Some" smartphones have NFC capabilities, but the Mifare aspect will be extremely difficult.  So the reason for your project becomes a main factor in which products you will chose.  If there is a good potential reason for your project, there usually are local merchants that may be willing to help finance your project  - in the shared hopes of your success and their ability to use the new technologies you create. 

In the end, working with NFC and Mifare is going to take more effort than most projects, the total cost of all items needed usually far surpasses this price differential.  So if the project is for a hobby, start reading up on Near Field Communications and Mifare.  Perhaps you have a less expensive means to make the antennas.  But if your hopes might be for a product, perhaps finding that local merchant that will partner with you to help finance your project may be a good step (you will still need to do much reading first).

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