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Does anyone else have a problem with "thsp=0"


Since the latest upgrade I am having problems that "thsp=0" does no longer turn sleep on last touch off. Or I am having another problem which I cannot find or explain.

I use "thsp=60" to put the screen into sleep mode if there are no touches on the screen for 60 seconds but for the waveform pages I turn this off as one cannot update waveforms when in sleep. I use the "dim=0" as a code controlled "sleep" mode on waveforms, turning the display of the screen off but leaving the rest of the screen on to receive waveform updates.

But since the last upgrade I noticed that if I leave the screen long enough in "dim=0" state, when the "thsp=0" was suppose to prevent the screen going to sleep, it no longer happens and the screen wakes, reverting to page 0 and loosing all waveform information.

Any comments by others will be appreciated.

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The Nextion Instruction Set is currently showing thsp=0(invalid).  This may have changed with version 037 and I am honestly not sure what it might have been previously.

Hi Martin

thsp=0 is the power on default, also meaning that the device will not enter into sleep no matter how long it is has not been touched. That is how understand it to be but may be wrong. (power-on default 0)

Funny thing it has been working for the last few months until now? In one of the forum pages someone else was also using it to turn no touch sleep on and off, but I  have no idea where I got that info from...

If one cannot use the thsp-0 then how will you turn no touch sleep off once you have set a value?

sorry last line should read thsp=0, not thsp-0.

Hi Patrick

Just a up date. I normally use "bkcmd=2" to check for error messages only. I now went to "bkcmd=3" to see what else I get back from the screen.

The problem has not yet repeated itself. ie thsp=0 is now working like it use to before.

I will in the morning revert back to bkcmd=2 to see if the problem returns and leave an update.

A valid good point.   Perhaps this is an error with the new version and will be fixed soon.  Maybe as a temporary work around (certainly not a permanent solution) could be to set thsp to a ridiculously obscene value like 32 Million (thsp=32000000 - a year out from now), so that it isn't practical to reach the value.

Sorry, I should have read before the last post.  65535 is the highest value just over 18 hours  ...

I hope you have better luck than I am having.


Some feedback for someone to confirm before sending it as a bug.

If you have the following settings:-

thup=1 //wakes the screen from touch

thsp=60 //screen sleeps after 60 seconds of no touch

bkcmd=3 //screen returns all values

then the screen does not wake on touch whilst asleep. It does return a touch event "68" - touch coordinates during sleep.

If you leave it all intact but change the following-

bkcmd=2 //only returns error data

then the screen awakes on touch whilst in sleep. Also sends the touch coordinates event as per manual "68".

And in all this, the thsp=0 problem again behaves like it should do and did from the beginning - preventing the screen to go to sleep mode, no matter how long it is not touched.

Weird and if someone can confirm this, then it is something the developers should have a look at.

...I'm new add glad to see that I'm not the only one with this problem:

- I set ussp and thsp to 60

- I set thup to 1

...but if the Display go to sleep after seconds a can't wake up with a touch...

Is set bkcmd=2 (Default is 2 too!) the workaround?


Hi Joachim

I now use my MCU to control the sleep function of the screen by using "sleep=0/1" and when doing waveforms I use "dim=0" to turn the display off whilst running the waveform in a sort of background mode.

Much better control and I have even added a dim=10, 10 seconds before the screen is put into sleep mode to warn the user. They can then touch the screen before it actually goes to sleep.

Hope this helps.

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