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val Attribut in waveform add

The NEXITION Display ist good for communicate with small MCUs. In fact, you need only UART communication. 

Any Software Libs for use the display can be helpful, but is not absolutely necessary.

But the scripting language could be much better!

In my test project (DHT Temperature/Humidity) i need only one "print" to the display. All

graphic functionality (converting/mapping/refresh) is made on the Display. (See Picture)

And it work fine!

But when i make a waveform object, i need separate functionality on the MCU;-(

Because it is possible to use val as data in add command.

Please you open the add command for use val???

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

add 1,0,j0.val is being considered - carried forward

This is really important for me!!!

is it this command implement?

this forum is closed since Nov. 15th.

anyway, most easy, why don't you just try it out instead of ask ...