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Add colour code by typing numbers


Can you please allow the functionality to type the colour code of any item instead of having to select the colour from the Colour bar "Define Custom Colours".

Because custom colours are not saved correctly on the Colour Screen, it makes it almost impossible to select the exact same custom colour for multiple items.

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Still working for an RGB hex entry to accept and get the 565 value

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Another plus.

Having set b1.bco with a custom color, in the PostInitialize event for the page I put:


However, when I try to set that color on a button on another page, I get an error, even if I try to pass the value through a variable.

There may be a way to pass the value as a variable, but I couldn't figure it out.

This will be done in v0.42

Button on another page is NOT in memory.

only .val or .txt attribute values are global

certainly not a .bco value

"done in v0.42" -- good news.

When button on another page failed syntax, I tried "cov b1.bco,va0.val,0" on my first page (page1) in postinitialize, which did not fail syntax, and "cov page1.va0.val,b0.bco,0" on my second page in postinitialize, which also did not fail syntax but which did not change the background color of b0.

the cov command is for convert.

Convert is from txt to val or from val to txt

It will fail for val to val and for txt to txt

the method to change a non memory button color

maybe to put a global variable on say page1


in post init of page where b0 is try b0.bco=page1.mybco.val

But it makes no difference if b0 is not visible or in memory

only when the page is loaded where b0 resides.

That worked. Thank you. I'm not certain now why I was getting compile errors before I started using the cov command, which passed syntax but did not work for the reason you say.

COLOR by NUMBER ... Implemented ... finally v0.42

Installed new version and tested this feature.

All good. Thanks to all who worked on getting this new version released.

Yes this would be a plus

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

As this was requested in prior requests - carried forward.

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