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Move items "to back" or "to front" in editor

Is it possible add the ability to the Nextion editor to move any item on the design screen backwards or forward or behind and in front.

An example would be MS Power Point, where one can move any item on a slide "Backwards - One step"

or "to back" right at the back

or "forwards" one step

or "in front" totally to the front?

This is already implemented with the tool bar items arrow up and arrow down.

PS: There are less potential errors with locating component clicked if your HMI design doesn't overlap components where layering is necessary.  I might consider it as a use at own risk.

Thanks Patrick, did not see it before.

Also learned during this that if you select any item you can move it a pixel at a time by using the keyboard arrows.


I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Marked as Implemented

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