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Transparent Hotspot

Can you please make Hotspot's transparent in the editor so we can see what is behind the Hotspot when designing screens?

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Supported!! The hotspots covering up what's behind them in the editor are really tedious.


Not fully supported. The users need to know where the hotspots are.

Misplacing the hotspots, users will complain they can not find them.

Perhaps an Alpha value leaning on Opaque compared to Transparent.

But why not just use the Bring Top and Bring Bottom arrows on the toolbar?

Just look underneath the File and under that Open and then under that is an up and down arrow to move it forward and backward. Top left hand corner of screen, just above Toolbox.

But I agree, it would be nice to have some visual display on the screen in design mode where the hotspot are and also great if there can be an indication for users that a hotspot exist, such as a frame around it or opaque or something like Patric suggests.

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@Patrick: not really an issue. You always can identify hotspots in the attributes window. I feel that's less of a penalty than putting all the hotspots in the background for visual design and then to the foreground again for debugging. Anyways, perhaps not really an issue with any priority. We'll see what comes up. Or not. 



Yeah, now that would be a worse pain in the arse constantly having to pull down the combobox.

Here is the skinny on why I comment on the Feature Requests.  It is sometimes months between comments back from support staff.  Their comments are noted by a change in the textbox color and they say "Support Staff" ... so If I don't answer, good luck waiting for someone else to answer.

Then there is the fact that the actually programming is being done by "the source", and they are responding to the huge Chinese market requests long before anyone reading this here would be able to pass "this suggestion" up the ladder to "the source" programmers - So the reality of this post being "the post" that causes the feature to be implemented is slim and none.

Second, most posts (including feature requests) are usually the result of trying to work around things - and just not knowing how. Rather than sit stumped by a dilemma and your project stalls, perhaps an alternate approach will keep your project going.

I will be very vocal about firmware bloating.  Every byte taken in unnecessary firmware bloating is a byte not available for the users HMI design - and I am a champion for the users to be able to squeeze more from their displays.

Lastly, if it can not be implemented in the closed source Nextion Editor, then perhaps I might at least consider it for the open source edition.  I am not your foe.

Jan did you see in v38 if these conditions exist

  • if page .sta is image
  • if page .pic points to an actual picture
than the hotspot is somewhat mostly transparent and yet you can still mostly "find it"

Hi Patrick

Can you elaborate a bit more please.

I am not sure what you are referring to?

I do not see any reference to page in the "m" type (hotspot|) attributes, so are assuming you are referring to placing some condition on the screen itself?

Just for info, I am refraining from coding on the screen, other than sliders where I simply use a var for a value to be displayed for the slider position.

Coding on two devices just makes for a very cumbersome environment and a nightmare to maintain on larger systems.

Since changing this, by moving all code to the MCU, my entire system's stability on all systems have improved dramatically.

Looking forward to hear what you are referring to.

Thanx Jan

The request is for a transparent hotspot.

Funny enough, the hotspot component does go transparent so that we can see what is behind the hotspot component (m0), if and only if, conditions for the page component's two attributes (.sta and .pic) are met.

If there are other components (text, number etc) between the hotspot and the page picture, it fails.

Also fails if a picture component is used to implement the background (it would then be between)

Just as an exercise to see the hotspot transparent

  • start a new page
  • add the kbd0.png (keyboard) to the project
  • set the page component's .sta attribute to image 
  • set the page component's .pic to the kbd0 picture no
  • add hotspots as if to go over they key locations (huh, and the hotspots are transparent)
So they manage to implement a transparent hotspot, just not consistently.

(64 KB)

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Hotspot is transparent under certain conditions

Enhance hotspot transparency - carried forward.

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