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Advice - Using Slider as a Vertical/Horizonal bar gauge

 Once you discover undocumented features of the slider component - it becomes a very powerful component to use indeed.
Besides being either vertical or horizontal (badly documented - see my post

Vertical Slider  )

it is more than only a tool for input of the moving sliding action as per tutorials.
I am using it's yet another undocumented feature - as a vertical or horizontal bar gauge.
I assign value of slider.val from MCU and slider's pointer moves to depict visually the amount of numerical input. In such application the touch events of the slider are disabled with "tsw" command.
This gauge is much better than a "progress bar" which is currently used in tutorials for this application. 
1. visuals are as good as your background cropped image for it and pointer as good as you provide image for it (and there is no "pointer" in "progress bar" component). As I experimented with both making "bar" gauge - in all examples Slider was a visual winner.
2.Speed of changing is faster than "progress bar" as there is no repainting of the pixels of whole bar background.
My advice: This feature - Using slider as a vertical/horizontal bar gauge - must be described in man pages and also in tutorials


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so sad;
  very poor documentation and examples for this nice display..

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Very timely product indeed but ... When bosses of Itead realize how much of the potential market they are loosing (and therefore profit) only because of the lack of quality documentation, they will immediately hire (or outsource) a whole team of English speaking writers for the single purpose of making documentation... if it will take too long for them to understand that, there will come up a new competitor who will make similar product but with good documentation written in good English. As it is now... even if new product will be somewhat simpler but it is clean code, well tested and good documentation - such a newcomer will win over...

Great! It works fine and Sliders have good graphic options.

But be careful, if you need both (manual movement and assignment), touch events are not supportet if you assign a value.

That could be a problem, if you use the Touch move Event for manual movements.

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