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V0.37 BUG - slider does not turn to Vertical Mode - stays horizontal

 In Nextion Editor I set the slider mode to "Vertical" - still horizontal... Compiled - no errors but it shows horizontal position.

My development stuck - please let me know which version had this working and let me know where to download previous working version (if there was such).


I found this Nextion tutorial on using the slider example and it shows slider property as Vertical but the screen picture shows horizontal.

using slider tutorial

Looks like this bug was back in 2015...

Did anybody use slider in Vertical mode? Any example? If affirmative, then please let me know which release it was working before feature was broken.


 I think I found the reason - it may be considered not a bug but rather a confusing implementation without proper user guide on how to use slider.
When slider first added to the screen - it is horizontal with default sizes along the horizontal placement. When user changes mode to vertical - it is natural to expect this horizontal slider to turn to Vertical position (intuitively slider's pointer is expected to move as it shows) - but it doesn't.
I found by playing with it that if I resize the box of slider and also box of the pointer, then pointer moves properly according to a Vertical mode. But the shaping of the component must be made by a user - this should be described in the user guide - man pages. Not intuitive to find out but once you know it - it is not a problem.
It is apparently was confusing even for Nextion tech support who made application tutorial example linked above. Component' property shows Vertical Mode but the screen capture still shows horizontal - so it could not move pointer vertically in that example - this page should be changed. Also if this working was intended, then in order to remove confusion I recommend to add note to user guide on using slider in vertical mode.


I agree, possibly a poor explanation, but vertical slider is functional.  One day after I finish with the ZI Editor, maybe I will get around to component How-To's.

My example HMI with three vertical sliders in basic color picker

Soeren's example with multiple vertical sliders using cropping as a fader

This issue has also had a solution.

The slider component is first rendered with default settings in the horizontal position.

To change to vertical the user must

1) change the .mode attribute from horizontal to vertical

2) resize the slider component to the dimensions desired by the user

3) adjust the .hig and .wid attributes to the slider thumb

Although these tasks need to be completed by the user, the slider component functions as a vertical slider.

As such, that slider does work in vertical mode, this is not considered as a bug.

It will be included into the feature requests that the slider automatically rotate on .mode change.

As this is not a bug, this topic will be considered and marked as solved

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