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v0.37 BUG - Dual State Button not working

This is ridiculous.

Why haven´t you kept the old dual state button or made the update backward compatible.

For the current version, every dual state button has to be deleted and added again. Why don´t just add the new properties to the list?

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The good news is that the dual state button becomes forward compatible and will be the base for the new Checkboxes and Radio Buttons. (with Radio Buttons acting as round checkboxes).

Change is such a pain. 

5 topics opened on the same Dual State issue rather than using one consolidated topic.

Did anyone notice how much improvement was made in the serial communications? 

Or as that was a non visual issue, out of sight, out of mind.  

No compiler warnings to say WHOA: serial comms now dropping 82% less packets, proceed with caution

Apologies for the inconvenience it caused.

As the Nextion Editor evolves, new attributes needed to be added.

The future versions with these new attributes doesn't require this effort.

This shouldn't be a problem in v0.38 and up.