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click command in 0.37

 It hasn't showed up in the instruction set but I figured out how it works:

click obj,state


click m0,1


"clicks" the hotspot m0.

This makes a nice workaround for the use of a timer to execute some code, make a hotspot, set the hotspot invisible in the preinitialize event of the page and use click to execute the code in the touch press and touch release event.

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Nice catch Edwin

I found 

click m0,1   //generates Touch Press Event on m0 
click m0,0   //generates Touch Release Event on m0 


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//set the hotspot invisible

How can i make components invisible ?

Nice :)

With vis:


vis m0,0 // disable the hotspot

  in the preinitialize event of the page :)



Thank you very much!

Who has eyes, is advantageous, say the German ;-)

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