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v0.37 bug compiling - Error: Invalid Variables:xstr


I have existing code that was compiling fine before the new v0.37 update. Since the update I get the following errors on some pages -

Error: Invalid Variables:xstr 660,80,70,40,'&font&','&pco&',bt0.bco1,'&xcen&','&ycen&',11,'&txt&'( Double click to jump to code)

I have no code on the Nextion, just plain forms I use.

How do I roll back to v0.36?

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previous version have been posted in "Download the Latest" in the past, 0.36 is not there yet.

Tested the new Dual-State button with text, works nicely with the additional .font .txt /txt-maxl params. Though it may a programmers pain to have to delete the old Dual-State button and replace it with the new Dual-State button and recompile, changes to the way things were done are always such a pain.

The enhancements to the firmware in v37 are probably much more desirable than the remaining with v36 as your last and final firmware revision.  v36 will eventually make it to the Download the Latest page.

PS: here is the link to v35, if you find v37 intolerable and rolling back is an absolute necessity

Here is the v36 setup.  After manually fixing all my dual-state buttons for my Minesweeper Game for the Nextion 7", the darn thing won't load as each dual-state is now using an extra 8 bytes of RAM each, even with the .txt field set blank and .txt-maxl set to 0.  Son of a Gun!


Thank you very much for the speedy reply. Like you, I also took the plunge eventually and changed all the dual state buttons. Luckily I do not have a memory problem yet, so all fine and compiling again.

Do you do that in the new realese , when you are creating a dual button , does not display the uploaded image ?

The issue with the Dual-State button was with an older project being opened in the new v037, and the difficulty recompiling as a v037 TFT output - as v037 didn't convert the object correctly in the conversion, making extra work for the HMI designer (removing the old/replacing with new).

For the record, a correction: The new Dual State button with .txt capabilities uses (14 + text-length) bytes as a payload, vs the old Dual State button using 8 bytes without text.  Technically, that was 6 bytes extra RAM per dual-state button where I previously stated 8 extra.  Just for those that need to be byte-counting in their complex designs.

Same problem here.

A lot of errors when i try to compile.

I went back to 0.36.

For the record, I haven't encountered an error when starting a project from scratch, So this is merely a backward compatibility issue of the v37+ versions not converting an older project properly.

The difficulty with v0.37 should be remembered as a learning experience and hopefully not repeated.

Many issues were fixed in v0.38+ xstr now functions properly

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