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Please Help about using Nextion Hmi with Arduino Nano or Pro Mini

Hi , 

I am newbie on Nextion HMi. I want to practice with tutorials on this site. But I couldn't be compiled the example codes because of arduino mega 2560 boards.

Arduino's program gives this fault;

Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno or Arduino Pro Mini.


Do I have to Nextion Hmi with only Arduino Mega board? 

Have you tried using Itead's Nextion Arduino Library?  Please refer to FAQs under Announcements.

Seems to me I read that its configuration default is for the MEGA2560

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Yes I read this configuration.But I could'n manage it. How can I find suitable nexconfig.h and other files  for arduino uno?

From my understanding, Most Arduino boards need to have their pins configured and defining which pins are what functions are part of the configuration.  The issue here is "how to configure your board" and for that I would start looking to the manufacturer of your board and google for those that have had success with your board and see how the configuration process is done.

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