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Font Repository

Has anyone got any good fonts they can share? The best, and cleanest readable font I have found is the OEM font through FontGenerartor but I have found an issue that if I use anything over 14 size I get double printing on a text window with each change of write text!

I have tried lots of options with the inbuilt Nextion font generator and all I seem to get is letters with fuzzy edges

I would just like a good clean 24 font that looks as good as the text I use on my backgrounds made with Paint. I don't care about proportional printing.. I just want a clean font......


I have not received an email from you.  I would recommend the ZI Editor to assist you, but I am of course biased.  Please send your email to zieditor @ and I will send you a Manual.  The new version -0.08 is now out and has been published 20 minutes ago.  But, no email, no license granted.  Sorry.

Oh yeah!  the ZI Editor version -0.07 (yeah, its negative) is looking great after a marathon of coding, we now have a working ZI Font Users Repository for all those that have sent in their required email.  Users will be able to create their font in ZI Editor, and when it is Repository Quality, can add it to the Repository easily: select the font, add a description, a comment, and custom (tags really), click the upload  and away it goes - every other user can update their local database, preview, download and even rate the font if the desire.  Version -0.07 should be ready by the 10th of August or so.

Don't forget to send that required email to in, or I can't set up your access.

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Hi Patrick,
Some news about ZI Editor version -0.07 ?

All the best


Here is the Quick scoop on version -0.07

(the moral of the story is: no one is perfect, but always remember to back it up).

So with the Font Repository being added into the program, the storage and retrievals, the database tables,  I went ahead and began taking it for a test drive.  You know, the usual check if a font is uploaded from one and downloaded by another and it was beginning to look pretty good actually.  Font snapshots were being  shown for the fonts so you could decide if you wanted to download that one. Seemed good, until I loaded the font into the Editor and had garble instead of the clean font.

It seems that I created a disaster somewhere in -0.08.  All of the fonts were displaying properly for their snapshot picture that gets uploaded to the repo, but some fonts (and not all of the fonts) the font matrix data was rotated.  This made them non-editable when downloaded.  I have been able to track the cause to when you are selecting Horizontal, Vertical 0° 90° 180° 270° in the HMI project and the font stores in its new rotated direction.  Now when extracted from the HMI, it was still in that rotated state.

Any fonts that have been extracted from an HMI or TFT file will need to be rechecked.

It has been a rough two weeks: reinjuring my spine on the 10th led to foggy thinking from the pain killers and in the mix of things, well I forgot to make a snapshot of my code.  So, the Band-Aid here, and the Band-Aid there - I ended up breaking something in the code and I didn't have the original to go back to.

So now I am getting closer to getting all those pieces back to together again. The more days healing, the less foggy the thinking becomes and the coding time becomes longer.  And this time, I have made certain that I have snapshots of my code.

Thanks so much for your quick response.
All the best

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Curious, what is the state of this project, and is there a repo of .zi files for Nextion customers to access?

I got here searching for a Nextion font repo,  Looking currently for a basic 8x8 .zi for a classic console on the smaller Nextion displays.  I know I can create with the editor but am also interested in cutting down the font to save space.  In some cases only need 0-9 numerics..

Momentary ... suspended.

1) Repository was a nice thought, and the legality of people uploading copyrighted fonts would be problematic.  No approach on this has yet been decided.

2) Nextion also does not yet support variable width in firmware, perhaps inspires the version -0.07.

3) So with these two issues, version -0.08 (latest release) remains the most compatible with current firmware, but also less to do at the moment - perhaps maybe add the missing big5, and ks support.


  as #1 was never solved, and v-0.07 was never released, there were no active users for a repository.


An 8x8 is less viable as the ZI font format is width=1/2 height, unless your encoding is dual-byte encoding

And, I must apologize, I do not see your license for my ZI Editor, so perhaps you need ask Sergio about his Editor.

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