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Cyrillic text support

Nextion is support the Cyrillic text ?

(I tried, but I see strange symbols instead of Cyrillic letters)

Do you plan to make support for the Cyrillic alphabet?

I think not supported. But no problem make a graphic.


ISO-8859-5 should be cyrillic? No?

If you know the Unicode for the characters set, I may have a way for this to work

-->  you need to know char Unicode value for 0x20 to 0xFF

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Let me know if this is the characters you are looking for (zi font file attached), if so my zi editor can help


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It work, but need table or procedure of "recoding"  "standard russian ascii" to  this font.

Need shift  on 16 symbol to left,  ("standard ascII code" -16 ))

"П" (print from usart)="Я" (real on screen),

"Е" (print from usart)="Х" (real on screen), ....

code (print symbol from usart) +16= code (real symbol on screen)

how i can create other font with new size?

To add the iso8859-516x32.zi font above:

Click on the font link, download and move to your nextion project folder.

IN Nextion Editor,

Locate two tabs: Picture/Fonts at bottom left - click Fonts

Click on + sign, locate iso8859-516x32.zi that you downloaded, select it and click ok

when successful, you should see #-cyrillic-16x32,(qty224:size:14,344) under Fonts.

The number to the right of this is the font number you need to use in other components .font attribute.

To generate a font in Nextion Editor: (less effort, less quality)

- Click Settings on the Toolbar,

- Click Display

- From Character Encodings dropdown select iso-8859-5

- Click Tools Menu, Select Font Generator

- Select size, base font font, give name, click Generate Font

- Save to a filename in your project folder

- use same method above to add to projects when needed

To use ZI Editor (most work, best results with your effort)

read this thread Problems with Fonts

Locate latest version -0.09 download (343K) and download.

Unpack and place in a convenient folder

send email to to get Latest manual

If no email received, no manual sent. Sorry.

the next version out will be -0.08 shortly (by Friday - check the Thread)

In this editor:

-- you can change each pixel as you desire

-- you can change characters if Unicode known

-- have most control over font generation

-- lots of trial and error, but best results

-- Charset to match iso-8859-5 is RUSSIAN

You really need the manual and read to get understanding

And read the thread, lots of important info to understand.

While you wait for new version Friday -0.08,

You MUST find the Unicode value for the characters 32 to 255 for your desired character set.

These Unicode values, you will need to enter into a table in the ZI Editor.

With that new table, fonts generated with the ZI Editor will match that character.

Without these values - problems like shift 16 exist.

With these values - custom table, perfect as you want.

I did my best on this editor, but I am from Canada and only know English, sorry if mistake, but there is a way to change it with the tables.

need replace 239->255, 238->254, .... to 176->192

 how in this table

Okay Sergey

I will look for the Unicode values to the Slavic Windows 1251, this is different than the default iso-8859-5 definitions that Itead uses in their Nextion Editor.  If a *.chr file is created in the ZI Editor with correct Unicode Values, then font with 1251 characters can be created (for 0x20 to 0xFF).  Nextion Editor will still use iso-8859-5 letter on input, but will display your 1251 letter on output.  You will need to have a chart to compare input-iso-8859-5, byte-value, output 1251, Unicode value.

I have similar issue with MS-DOS font and codepage 437 with iso-8859-1.  But Nextion either does 7 bit lower ascii (0x20 to 0x7F) or the isos (0x20 to 0xFF).

Many thanks for your work, Patrick!

 All works!

Need only  change some graphics , for ex code 176,  grad symbol... for indicate temperature : )

this is display for little electic trike my son

I see you have battery indicator.

Just so you know, "Font Awesome" also has battery indicators, you can use Unicode value and Alter your table to have them generated inside your font.

Thanks for idea!
For minimize data stream ( more ~15 instruction in one time - break working speedometer )

I transmit only digital value  Ah (capacity)  (  (use in next page).
And convert it to % battery inside nextion.
Battery  graphic indicator- it progress bar over picture. Data for length progress bar - computing inside nextion from Ah data.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

ISO-8859-5 with Cyrillic support - implemented

I have problem with programmaticaly setting cyrillic text to NexButton. In Nextion editor I am using ISO-8859-5 font with Cyrillic support and text defined in editor displays good. However after changind button text from code it shows 16 chars sheefted.
Could you please help me to resolve this problem?

PS: I'm using Nextion Editor v0.43 and font generator generatorv3b

Thanks in advance.


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