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Lcd Driver Update Failed error message!

First time I use a Nextion display. I transfer a tft file (have tried many diffternt projects) to a micro SD card (have only used one tft file on the SD card for every try). I´m also using the latest version of the Nextion editor software.When I insert the SD card to the display it starts processing and eventually displays:


Check data... 100%

Lcd Driver Update Failed!

Haven´t found any information about how to solve this problem. Would appreciate to receive a solution to this problem. Tanks in advance!

Here is some information that perhaps are relevant: 

Display model: NX4832K035_011 (i.e. enhanced model with 3.5 inch display).

SD card: SanDisk Ultra microSDHC 16gb. 


Is your SD formatted FAT32?

Can you upload your TFT to test this?

I managed to solve the problem! I didn´t know that a tft file was generated in the bianyi folder when compiling a work (File ----> Open build folder). When tranfering the generated tft file to the SD-card, from the bianyi folder, the problem was soleved! Earlier I manually saved my work in a tft file, which obviously doesn´t work. Thanks anyways Scruff.r for the reply!  

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