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Need Working Example of Arduino Uno and Nextion Display

Can anyone provide or show an example of Nextion display and Arduino Uno? I can not find one anywhere and Jack Liu from Itead Tech support said the examples in the C:\Users\username\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ITEADLIB_Arduino_Nextion-master\Examples won't work with the Uno but will with the Mega2560. (I find this hard to believe but in any case) I tried the CompText example for days with no joy.

Can anyone help?



Never mind I figured it out.

Hi, How did you figure that problem? I am trying to use these examples for days too.

Hi Bayram,

Sorry you're having problems. I know the feeling.

Try to follow this how to: Nextion Display with Arduino Uno - How To

Let me know if you need help because the instructions are sketchy at best.


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